Branding and Food are inseparable Companions!

Once, I could listen to a Cardio Thoracic Surgeon from Bangalore talking at a Doctors Meeting in Pollachi, a small town of Tamil Nadu. He said , the easiest way to reach out to a human heart is through the stomach. Though he was a Surgeon, he said this to thank the organizers for the best lunch. In this article I would like to introduce you a Brand (as I perceive now) which happens to be a small Vegetarian Hotel Puliyogare Point in Basavangudi. Looking at the ease by which this restaurant reaches to the hearts of customers, I thought of observing them for some time and now I realize that there are few simple invincible elements of a good brand in Puliyogare Point.

Today online articles on what makes a good brand is plenty, ,the same way we have so many blogs flooded with articles on particular number of habits to have successful career. And today readers are confused that, to start the day by getting up at 5 am is just important or the only way to success.On this context, I do not know whether I will confuse you further on your fundamentals of brand building. .Location, variety of cuisine, quality/taste Standards, Dining experience, Convenient working hours are few of the obvious reasons for a restaurant to be successful. In spite of not meeting many of these factors, PP carry a huge satisfied customer community with them, that too for many years. That was the trigger for me to look at it as a Brand and think of 5 invincible elements, a good Brand Building Initiative should consider.

Not too close and not too far …Create diplomacy. You can afford to go bit far from your Customer, for some time but never go too close. Customer will lose interest and try to replace you (knowingly/unknowingly)…e.g. GILLETE. By virtue of the market and the segment in which they operate, they can increase their access in multiple folds but they always try to move away from Customer by Pricing for their so called advanced models(for a simple purpose- as a many Customers can blame). In the bargain, they take every single customer along with them leaving no space for Competitor. Look at Rxn driven businesses of Healthcare ,as you get close to the. prescribing Customer, your ability to demand gets suppressed.

Smiles and Brand Health.Smiles are good for health, not necessary for brand health. Never go overboard to incorporate the elements in your Brand plan that makes your customer too happy and satisfied. For a big brand, that satisfaction can give leadership for a couple of years. may be, but not beyond at all. You would have seen big hoardings of Nokia Microsoft that offer “We will not repair but will replace”as an offering to promote their handsets. It was couple of. years back and I know only a very few using that phone now.

Mix of Flavors. Irrespective of the line extensions or SKUs you have got, if the brand communication has got multiple elements, ensure it is a good mix. It is not about the synergy but about providing a package of emotional and physical experience to customer.Ultimately that experience will drive the buying behavior of Customer and that is easily achieved by gross effect of those elements we communicate. From Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge to Your Personal Bank. to Amitabh Bachan or Rajanikanth… for all these brands the so called Experience did the task..

Sales Team:If the brand is carried by sales force to your Customer, if needed you will have to let go some of your expertise for want of buying by Sales Team. A sales man will sell mud to a farmer who has got hectares of land with the same easiness of selling fertilizer, provided he decides to sell. When you give a brand strategy to your sales person which is bit complex in concept,terminologies and implementation, there could be a passive resistance unknowingly from him. You can afford to sacrifice few strengths of brands strategy to overcome that passive resistance (even if you have a McKinsey Report to substantiate the positive outcome of your brand strategy). Once it happens, you may overshoot projections.

Consistency of flavors. We all know that consistency of content is the most natural element of brand building activities-especially the visual messages. A double edge weapon for. Creation and Retention of Customer pool. Nowadays the debate has come to a level that whether Font is stronger or the Logo.

Have you tried the yummy puliyogare?

If not visit this place in Basavangudi which is home for most of the authentic south Indian restaurants and hub for cultural activities.



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